Oshkosh, Plymouth, Ripon, Waupun, Fond du Lac, IL Insurance

Stay Protected With Auto and Life Insurance Covers

There are a couple of things in life which you can live without, yet insurance by no means should be one of those. We at Behenke Insurance offer different types of life and car insurance to people residing in Fond Du Lac, Plymouth, Oshkosh, Ripon and Waupun WI. Our life insurance cover will protect your family from probable financial trouble or ruin resting on your circumstances while our auto insurance policies will help to cover financial losses that may result from driving a motor vehicle.

Qualities that make Behenke Insurance the Best Insurance Agent

  • Consistent and caring customer service- The insurance agents in our company are informative and transparent. With us you will be confident that your family and car will be protected from all odds
  • Security and privacy are our priority- In fact, when you buy insurance covers from us, be it a life or car insurance you will remain absolutely secured and protected. Any sensitive information which you share with us will be encrypted and highly guarded and cannot be accessed by any outside party
  • Yearly Insurance reviews- It is true that not all has the time of staying on top when it comes to their insurance policies, particularly if he/she is running a family or a business. The insurance agents in Behenke Insurance will review your insurance policies gladly and check any red flags or gaps. It is your best interest that is our best interest too, and an insurance review annually will take a couple of minutes and protect you against a potential ruin
  • Emergency preparedness- Most businesses require having a highly detailed emergency plan during calamities such as fire, hurricane or flood. Be assured Behenke Insurance is prepared fully for such calamities and can sincerely attend to all your insurance requirements especially when you are largely vulnerable

So what are you waiting for? Invest in our insurance covers and enjoy peace of mind.