What’s the most common mistake related to insurance? Fond du Lac | Waupun | Ripon

The single largest mistake I see people make is

  • The customer thinks they have something they don’t.

This can be the car owner driving without insurance, thinking “accidents don’t happen to me. I have savings if they do.” Insurance is protection from financial catastrophe. What could the damages be if your car hits two parked cars because of icy roads? There are about 10,000 reasons to think again.

This can also be the underinsured homeowner. He got a great deal on the internet for a loan value policy. Now, in the event of total loss, this homeowner will have to buy a smaller house or take out a larger loan, hurting his net worth.

This could be the working father who has a life insurance policy from his employer for $50,000. He’s the sole breadwinner for the family and they have $100,000 on their mortgage. Yes, he has life insurance. And upon death, his family has $50,000 of loans on their shoulders (+ $8,700 funeral expenses).

Health insurance is a topic of its own. There are many products out there and a licensed agent can help you optimize your selection given your unique life situation.

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