Personal insurance in Waupun, Oshkosh and Fond du Lac, WI

Essential personal insurance coverage

Bad things don’t just happen to other people, they can happen to anyone, you and me as well. Personal insurance is a cost-effective way to protect your financial well-being when bad or unfortunate things happen. Behnke Insurance can help protect your wealth in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI and Waupun WI with personal cover tailored to your needs.

There are different types of personal insurance. If you own a home, then property insurance is one thing you cannot afford to be without. Your home can be damaged in many different ways. There is the risk of storm damage, fire, flooding and even domestic accidents and incidents. The partial or total destruction of your home is not something you will recover from unless you have home insurance.

Being able to work and to remain healthy is one of the most important things in life. When you get sick you need a doctor. When you have an accident you may emergency medical help. Unfortunately, health care is prohibitively expensive. Health insurance can help you when you need it most. At the same time, you should protect your income should an accident or some dread disease render you unable to work.

Most of us own a car and auto insurance is something that has to go along for the ride. Without auto insurance you don’t only break the law, you run a major risk of financial loss that you can ill afford. However, home insurance, health & disability insurance and auto insurance are not the only essential personal coverages that you should have.

Another very important type of personal insurance is liability insurance. Some people refer to liability insurance as 3rd party insurance. The important thing is that liability insurance will cover you when someone sues you for injury or damages that resulted from your negligence.

Without personal insurance you run the risk of losing it all. For a few dollars a month you can shift that risk to the insurance carrier.