Is life insurance worth the money? It won’t ever help me. Fond du Lac | Ripon | Plymouth

Life insurance pays money to Person B when Person A dies. Premiums are paid into a “community accident pool”. If a community member dies, the community reviews the death and that member’s beneficiary receives the death benefit.

A great example: Jack and Jill get married, buy a house and start a family. They pool their income to support the education of their kids, pay the mortgage and do fun things. They want a future. If Jack dies, will Jill be able to afford the mortgage payments? Will Jill be able to fund her kid’s education? Will Jill be allowed a grieving time, or does Jill need to be sure not to miss any paychecks? Who will pay for Jack’s $8,700 funeral? Will the future they wanted fall apart?

Some families will be OK without life insurance. Many will not. Life insurance is a way for you to provide for your family, even after you’re gone. Every family and financial situation is different. There are many different ways of setting up a life insurance policy to protect your family’s interests. Insurance is protection against accidental financial catastrophe.

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