Home insurance in Oshkosh, Plymouth, Ripon, Waupun, WI

Home insurance and its lesser known benefits

During an accident or an environmental disaster affecting your property, it is the right home insurance plan that will act as the safety guard which will work wonders in protecting your finances against prospective depletion. Although homeowners insurance generally includes property and liability coverage, but damages to their property because of termites, war or floods are not covered usually with standard policies. Homeowners for the maximum part do understand the fundamental/basic coverage that they can qualify for via their policy but there are some protections that they are likely to be eligible for which they are not aware of. It is here where we at Behnke Insurance can help you. Along with helping you choose the right insurance cover for your home our agents will also guide you on the lesser-known advantages of having these insurance plans. Our service areas include the different parts of Oshkosh WI and Plymouth WI.

Know more about the lesser-known advantages of owning a homeowners insurance plan

  • Cover losses resulting from pet bites- the liability insurance plan which you gain via the homeowner’s insurance policy will offer protection against dog bite at no additional cost.
  • Cover the price to bring the abode up to code following a covered loss- for instance, if the kitchen is ruined by a grease fire and the fire keeps spreading to other sections of the home, the insurance plan may include any new mandates above the damages resulting from the fire.
  • Cover damage against falling debris- for instance if the roof of the home is crashed due to falling debris the damage caused may be covered via the homeowners insurance policy
  • Cover damages from power outages- if the refrigerator or any other electric device in your home gets affected due to power outage then the homeowners policy will cover such damages
  • Cover property losses concerning the family members that do not reside at home- If children are away at college or a university, their personal possessions typically will be covered under the personal property clause under the homeowners insurance policy

Speak to our insurance agents right away for having a clear understanding regarding what protections the present policy provides and the additional coverage which you can gain for some extra money each month.