Home Insurance and Homeowners Insurance in Ripon, Plymouth WI

Home insurance that is right for your situation


You know you need home insurance so the real question is which homeowner’s policy will best match your needs and circumstances. If you own property in Fond Du Lac, Ripon, Waupn, Oshkosh or Plymouth you can consult with Behnke Insurance for professional advice regarding your homeowners insurance.


There are many terms and condition involved in home insurance and seeking sound and professional advice is the smart thing to do. For example, do you need flood insurance?  Do you need windstorm insurance?  Certain acts of nature such as floods, tornados, windstorms and earthquakes will not be part of normal homeowner’s insurance policy. Then there is the question of liability. What happens in the event of a domestic accident that results in injury to a third person?


Your home insurance will cover your buildings, structures and fittings. But what about the replacement cost? Building costs rise annually and you need to be sure your homeowners insurance is current and in line with your present situation. There is also the possibility that you have or plan to do home renovations. You need to be sure these improvements are reflected in your homeowner’s policy.


You also have valuable possessions in your home. These are usually covered but there are limits and certain items such as jewelry, art and collections need to be specified separately. You need to consider many things such as umbrella insurance, comprehensive insurance, liability risks, acts of nature and so on. House break ins and theft are also real risks. Home safety features such as alarms and remote surveillance can reduce your insurance premiums and also add an important layer of safety.


So whether you own a free standing home, an apartment or a condo, you need to have the right home insurance to protect your financial interests and investment. The best way to be sure about this is to discuss your insurance requirements with a reputed local agent who will look after your interests.