Is health insurance worth the money? What does it do? Fond du Lac | Ripon | Oshkosh

No politics here, just a look at our current situation. Health care in America is expensive and very good. cites an average 3-day hospital stay at $30,000 or a broken leg costing up to $7,500. Insurance is protection against accidental financial catastrophe, ex. deep debt or bankruptcy.

When you buy health insurance, you sign up and pay money into a “community health pool”. If a community member has a health event, the community reviews the event and pays from the pool. Some events are totally covered, some are partially covered.

Just as your health needs change over time, your health plan can change over time. Your plan can be as individual as you are. Young adults have very different expected health care costs than mature Americans.

Everyone has four health insurance options: 1. Take the health insurance provided by your employer (if available), 2. Purchase health insurance from the private marketplace (call your agent), 3. Purchase health insurance from the public marketplace (go to, 4. Choose not to have health insurance and pay the government fee.

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