If my friend drives my car, is he insured? Fond du Lac | Oshkosh | Ripon

Insurance follows the car. My truck is titled to me, so I own it. If my truck gets in an accident, the property owner (me) is liable. If my buddy has permission to drive my truck, he is then covered under my policy. If I did not give him permission to drive my truck (ie. he steals it), then my policy is not covering his liability.

The exception to this case is if the policy specifically excludes a driver. This is rare and not a recommended setup, but some companies will only protect Mom and Dad if they exclude coverage to Son (because Son has a terrible driving history).

ROOMMATE NOTE: Ben and Jerry are roommates at 123 Main Street. Ben buys a car and wants insurance on himself. The insurance company will want to know if any other drivers are in the household. I know you have good intentions to not let your roommate drive your car, but the insurance company has years of statistics showing that roommates drive each other’s cars on occasion. Therefore, Ben’s insurance company will require Jerry’s driving information to price him onto the policy. Let’s say Ben has a clean record and Jerry has a history of drinking and stealing cars? Ben’s company will want to know about that.

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