Fond du Lac Motorcycle Insurance 6/3/2014

This post is going to be all about the types of Fond du Lac motorcycle insurance questions we get here at the office. It’s definitely riding season now and the Harley Davidson bikes and sporty bikes are ready to roll.

Question 1: I want to remove coverage for the winter season when my bike is in the garage. Can I do that?

Answer: We strongly recommend against this. While you can cancel a policy at any time, the trouble comes when reapplying for the motorcycle insurance. Most companies don’t like to play the “motorcycle game” and will charge more or refuse coverage. Additionally, motorcycles are not eligible for Comp Only coverage where liability protection is removed.

Wisconsin companies do lower the price of motorcycle insurance to compensate for the needed “Winter Discount”. A quick comparison showed me that the same coverage is: Wisconsin $557/year vs. Alabama $962/year vs. Florida $1,356/year. While it does seem unfair that you cannot remove winter coverage, you are being compensated for it.

Question 2: My bike has accessories. Are those protected?

Answer: Yes we can protect those. Let us know the amount of protection you need and retain receipts and photos of the items. This includes chrome packages and non-stock bags.

**Call a Behnke Insurance professional agent for details**