Fond du Lac Insurance Questions 5/30/2014

Behnke Insurance StaffThis post is about the different Fond du Lac insurance questions that Behnke Insurance’s professional agents answered this week.

Question 1: Jack is living with Jill, but they are not married. Jill has Eve, a daughter from a prior relationship. Eve just turned 16 so Jill adds her to her car insurance policy. Jack has his own separate insurance and suddenly his company also adds Eve to his policy. How and why would they do that?

Answer: Insurance companies want all household members listed on your policy. They pay to have access to consumer reports that list drivers by registered address. If they do a review and find additional drivers at your address, they may just add them to your policy. Call your Behnke Insurance agent to see if you can remove them from your policy. Some (not all) companies give you that option.

Question 2: Car titles and insurance: what’s the big deal?

Answer: You drive your car in the country and hit a deer. You’re relieved that you have a $250 deductible because the car is totaled. The insurance company checks your policy, sees your name on it, and approaches you with a check. They say “You can have this check for your property as soon as I see the car title is in your name.

You can only insure property you own. Call a Behnke Insurance agent for details.

Question 3: How does divorce and insurance work together?

Answer: Wisconsin is a marital property state. When you get married, you share property ownership. You do not separate that ownership until the divorce is final.

An example shows why this matters: Jack and Jill are getting a divorce in 30 days. Jack calls his insurance agent and asks for Jill’s car to be taken off his policy (since they’re not living together). Jill buys her own policy. Jill causes a 3 car accident. A lawsuit targets the owners of that car, BOTH Jack and Jill (remember, the divorce is not final). Jill is protected by her insurance. Jack is not protected by any insurance. WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: Jack and Jill inform their agent of the pending divorce. The agent keeps both people insured on the same policy for both their cars until the divorce is final, then issues two sets of policies.

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