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Auto Insurance in Waupun WI, Plymouth WI, Oshkosh WI, and all the Surrounding Areas

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Behnke Insurance is a recommended agency for auto insurance in Lomira, Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI, Ripon WI, St Cloud WI and Waupun WI. They can get you best value auto insurance since they can source products from different carriers. Best value insurance will provide you with the best coverage at the best price. And that is exactly what you want when it comes to auto insurance. 

Auto Insurance in Waupun WI, Plymouth WI, Oshkosh WI 

Auto insurance can cover most types of vehicles. These include cars, vans, trucks, buses, coaches, trailers, motorized homes, motor cycles, off-road vehicles, marine craft, snowmobiles and more. The most common type of auto insurance is car insurance. This also an important because there are several laws pertaining to driving on public roads. Your car needs to be licensed. You need to have a driver’s license. You need to obey the rules and laws of the road. 


It is important to understand that insurance follows the law of the land. This is particularly important when it comes to car insurance. If you break the law, you compromise your insurance. If you skip a red light and cause an accident you may have a problem with a related insurance claim. If you drive while drunk, you may have a problem with a related insurance claim. If somebody who does not have a valid driver’s license causes an accident you could have a problem with insurance. 


Insurance will also punish you if you break the law. This is because you are the perceived as high risk. This is very important when it comes go auto insurance especially car insurance. If you break the law your insurance carrier will likely increase your premium or even cancel your auto insurance. 


The reverse also holds true. If you have a good driving record and other positive factors you may well qualify for cheaper auto insurance rates. 

Auto Insurance in Plymouth WI, Oshkosh WI, Fond du Lac, and all the Surrounding Areas

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Do you want to secure your vital assets against an uncertain future? Well, if you haven’t done it already, then it’s high time you take it seriously and get the right coverage. But, to get the proper insurance coverage, you would need to find an independent insurance agency that will cater to all your specific needs at the cheapest rates possible. However, if you did not find such an agency yet, then without any further delay, get in touch with us at, Behnke Insurance Agencies Inc. We operate mainly in areas like Lomira, Oakfield, Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI, Ripon WI and Waupun WI. Along with providing versatile insurance coverage like life, health, or auto insurance, we have a dedicated team of insurance agents who can guide you to get the ideal coverage at the lowest prices.   

So, here are the following kinds of insurance coverage that you can get from us, at Behnke Insurance Agencies Inc.  

  • Life and Health Insurance– From major medical and health savings account, medicare supplements to dental and much more, we have got you covered. Some of our life insurance options include Term life, Return of premium term life, universal life, permanent life etc.  
  • Commercial Insurance- The commercial insurance policy will protect your business from all kinds of risks and liabilities. Our trained business insurance agents will evaluate all your business insurance needs and risks before suggesting a comprehensive coverage without breaking your budget. From general liability, worker’s compensation, commercial auto and fleet insurance, builders risk and many more, we have got you covered.  
  • Auto Insurance– From auto, boats, jet skis and snowmobiles to trailers, classic cars and more, we have got a wide range of auto insurance coverage options. Apart from this, we also provide policies for high-risk drivers as well as on the spot SR-22 forms.

Therefore, if you want to get proper insurance coverage backed by professional guidance, then give us a call at (920) 922-3850 to get a quote.  

Auto Insurance in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI, and the Surrounding Areas

Monday, January 1st, 2018

Are you thinking why a comprehensive auto insurance is important and why you need it, then do not look further and come to us at Behnke Insurance. We will not only provide you with these insurance plans but also, make you familiar with the different benefits that it offers and why it is essential to have one. As the name states comprehensive insurance, it will offer you financial backup when your car is damaged due to a road accident, or any other reason. And, beside helping you financially when you car gets damaged, it will also cover you against legal liability, theft, accidental death, legal liability or injury of the third party and much more. The different areas that we serve include Lomira, Oshkosh, WI, Plymouth, WI, Ripon, WI, St Cloud and Waupun WI. 

Why it is Imperative to Invest in a Comprehensive Insurance? 

When you invest in a comprehensive car insurance you can benefit in the following ways namely, 

  • If your car gets stolen, this insurance will help you to replace it. Although it will not pay the amount for a new car, but would help you in covering the outstanding bill, which you owe to the financial institution enabling you in applying loan for a new car on an absolutely clean state.  
  • It will offer you coverage for any damage resulting in your car due to vandalism. 
  • It will protect your car from all forms of weather-related damages. 
  • It will offer coverage for your car if it gets damaged via collision with animals. 
  • Lastly, it will offer protection against fire and flood damage. 

When you have a comprehensive car insurance you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you will not have to incur financial losses related to your car. So, what are you waiting for? Call us right away at (920) 922-3850 for more information.  

Auto Insurance in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI, St. Cloud, Waupun WI and Surrounding Cities

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Auto insurance can cover your car as well as other vehicles you might own such as boats and trailers. Behnke Insurance can help you with cost effective auto insurance in Lomira, Oskhosh WI, Plymouth WI, St Cloud or Waupun WI.  They can get you the best deal whether you own one vehicle or several vehicles.

Auto Insurance is compulsory for vehicles that make use of public roads. When you make use of the road network you have a public responsibility to others. That means you need to be able to compensate others for damages or injuries that you caused.  Liability insurance enables you to do that. Liability insurance is the compulsory part of auto insurance. The rest is optional but recommended.

Apart from possible liability claims you face other risks such as damage to your car or personal injury. These can result from collisions, road accidents, storms or malicious acts. Collision insurance will cover you for damages to your vehicle that result from a road accident or collision. Comprehensive insurance will cover you for other risks such as storm damage or auto theft.

So far, we have liability insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive. Another important risk to consider is personal injury. You want to be sure you have the right medical cover or personal injury protection plan.

Other things to consider include loss of valuables such as goods in transit. You are likely to have valuables inside your car and when involved in an incident, those values could be lost or damaged. You might also find yourself without transport should your car be badly damaged in an accident or incident.

There are many aspects to auto insurance. That is why you should get professional advice from an independent agent such as Behnke Insurance.

Auto Insurance and Car Insurance in Waupun, Ripon and Plymouth, WI.

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Auto and car insurance is complex and should be left to the experts

You have many options for auto insurance in Fond Du Lac, Ripon, Waupun, Oshkosh or Plymouth  but how do you know which option is the best for your needs?  When you deal with an independent agent such as Behnke insurance, you can be confident you will get best value auto insurance tailored to you needs.

Some car insurance is required by law but that will only cover injuries related to a motor vehicle accident.  There are many other risks and possible related losses such as collision damage, storm damage, auto theft, vehicle right off and so on. Just as there different risks there are different policies designed to protect your financial interests in the vent that crash into such a risk.

Apart from covering your risks, you also want to get the best price possible. There are many factors that influence the cost of car and auto insurance. These include your current driving habits, past driving record, the type of vehicle you drive, where you live, how old you are and so on. Other factors that influence your insurance premiums is the way in which your policy is structured. For example you could opt for higher deductibles in exchange for lower premiums.

Now auto insurance is not only for your car or primary vehicle. Auto insurance can and should cover other valuable vehicles that you may own, such as boat or a snowmobile. If you extend your policy to include additional vehicles you could also qualify for additional auto insurance discounts.

All in all there is a lot involved when it comes to auto and car insurance.  You could spend hours of your time comparing quotes, terms, conditions, inclusions and exclusions or you could simply leave it somebody who knows what he is doing when it comes to insurance. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Auto Insurance and Cheapest Car Insurance in Oshkosh, Ripon, Waupun, Fond Du Lac and Plymouth

Friday, July 18th, 2014

How to lower the cost of a teen’s auto insurance


When it comes to having their own car, teenagers nowadays run into all sorts of problems, especially because of the high maintenance and insurance costs. If you want to know how you can lower your teen auto insurance premium, you should continue reading this article.

If you are a young driver, and you want cut down on the insurance cost, maybe the best way to do this is to follow a driving training program. These kind of programs are now available almost everywhere, including areas such as Fond du Lac, Ripon, Waupun, Oshkosh, and Plymouth, and a great fact about them is that in some cases your insurer will pay for them. If you completed such a course, there are discounts given by your insurance company of up to 10%.

Another great fact about auto insurance is that, in case you are a student, you can get an extra 15% discount off your premium if you have a B average. Pay attention though, because if you violate any traffic regulation, and you get a ticket, the discount will no longer apply.

Pay attention in the type of car you want to buy. If you are a young driver, this is very important, especially when it comes to insurance price. If you do not want to pay a large sum of money on insurance, you should consider buying a conventional car, instead of a sports car, which should not be allowed for inexperienced drivers.

At last, you should do a little research of the market before you sign your insurance policy. This way you will find the best auto insurance that fits your needs, at the lowest amount of money possible.

Cheapest Car & Auto Insurance in Plymouth, Ripon, Waupun

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Many factors that influence the cost of your auto and car insurance

The best and most effective way to find the cheapest car insurance for your situation is to work with a local and independent agent in your area. Such an agent has access to a wide range of insurance options and plans from leading carriers across the country. Behnke is an insurance agent serving the communities of Fond Du Lac, Ripon, Waupn, Oshkosh and Plymouth.  If you want the cheapest possible auto insurance you should consult with an independent agent and provide all important and relevant information that can positively affect your risk profile and reduce the amount of your premiums.

Insurance carriers take into account a variety of factors when they determine their risk. A lower perceived risk could well translate into lower auto insurance premiums.  For example a standard sedan will attract lower insurance premiums than a flashy and racy sports car. Other factors include your age, gender, location, driving history, credit history, claims record and so forth.

However there are 4 critical factors that insurance carriers consider when determining the cost of your auto insurance.

Coverage and deductibles

 If you go for higher deductibles you will qualify for lower monthly payments and vice versa. In same manner it follows that the higher your coverage the higher your monthly premiums will be. Lower coverage will secure lower monthly payments.

Your vehicle safety factor

 Some vehicles are considered safer than others. Certain carriers will charge higher premiums for vehicles that are more susceptible to damage or theft.  If you drive a vehicle that is considered safer than the norm and also is equipped with anti-theft devices, you will qualify for lower premiums.

Your driving habits

These include how often your drive, how far you drive, what your past records indicate. If you drive regularly or often drive long distances you can expect to pay more. If you have a record of one or more accidents you will pay more.

Personal factors

These include age, gender, location and marital status.  For example, if you live in an area that is perceived to be safer than some other area, you will pay less.


Your insurance agent will check all these details and correlate them against various insurance plans in order to secure the cheapest possible car insurance for your situation.

Fond du Lac Car Insurance – Uninsured Drivers?

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Car Accident

On this week’s Fond du Lac Car Insurance Q&A, we’ll be addressing what happens when an uninsured driver hits your car.


In Wisconsin, when two cars have an accident together, the police will determine one of the parties to be at-fault. The at-fault party will be responsible for all damages, both bodily and property. This is really where insurance steps in and pays the bills for the driver. The driver will then have a tarnished insurance record, which will affect monthly premiums.


Now you have $5,000 damages to your car, medical bills totaling $20,000 and lost wages totaling $900.

  1. Your Uninsured Motorist Coverage acts in place of the other party’s insurance for bodily damages, up to  your limit.
  2. Your Collision Deductible will be what you pay to get your car repaired.
  3. You can then sue the uninsured driver to get your collision deductible back.

BAD WAY – You sue the uninsured driver for $25,900 and, if  you win, try to collect this money from them. Generally, uninsured drivers don’t have the assets for a large payout and actually collecting can be a challenge.

GOOD WAY – You have good car insurance and sue the uninsured driver for your $500 collision deductible. Collecting $500 is much easier than collecting $25,900.

**Call Behnke Insurance Agency in Fond du Lac, WI at 920-922-3850 for details**

Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Reimbursement Bond

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Behnke Insurance StaffBehnke Insurance Agency partners with West Bend Mutual Insurance Company. West Bend offers an pertinent new product:

Concealed Carry Criminal Defense Reimbursement Bond

As a permit holder of a legally possessed weapon, the bond provides for the reasonable legal fees, expenses, and costs of defense up to the maximum bond limit chosen, after declaration from the prosecuting attorney that no criminal charges will be filed, a dismissal of all filed criminal charges, or acquittal of the “permit holder” following a trial and verdict is upheld on appeal.

“But doesn’t my homeowners insurance protect me in this case?” Your homeowners liability coverage protects you against civil lawsuits, not criminal lawsuits. This product fills the gap for a very low cost.

“Why do I need this? I have a right to carry and self defense.” You are correct, but defending that right in court can be costly, if the situation arises.

This bond helps share that cost. Below is a link to West Bend’s video explanation. Call Behnke Insurance for details, your Fond du Lac insurance professionals.

Fond du Lac Child Life Insurance Questions 6/10/2014

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


This week in Fond du Lac Child Life Insurance Questions, we received several inquiries on life insurance for a child. The info below should be very helpful.

Question 1: My son just had a baby boy. I’m a grandparent! Is it a good idea to buy a policy for my grandchild?

Answer: This is a great gift. One company we partner with has a simple child policy, also known as a jumping juvenile, which increases it’s coverage when the child turns 18 and 25 years old. It’s a whole life product, which means it’s permanent insurance which will keep it’s premium cost until death. An example, a newborn policy which starts at $10,000 coverage, jumps to $15,000 at age 18, and jumps to $20,000 at age 25 costs $73/year or $6.27/month!

This is a great value. When this young man is 80 years old, his policy still costs $73/year. In comparison, an 80 year old buying a new policy would be charged over $2,600/year. The policy can be surrendered for it’s cash value any time and, should the worst case happen, it’ll help pay for funeral expenses and a legacy.

Question 2: What options are there for my newborn baby?

Option 1: Jumping juvenile policy mentioned above. Starts at $10,000 coverage and jumps to $20,000 coverage. It’s a whole life product for under $100/year.

Option 2: Single Pay Whole Life. Pay about $1,700 today and never pay again for this $20,000 coverage whole life policy.

Option 3: Everything else. There are many ways to insure newborns. Call a Behnke Insurance professional for ideas at 920-922-3850.

Question 3: How does ownership work with baby insurance policies?

Answer: You can be the policyholder. You designate the baby as the insured. You select a beneficiary. Down the line, you can transfer ownership from yourself to the baby, perhaps when he’s an adult.