How can I pay less for insurance? Fond du Lac | Oshkosh | Waupun

Behnke Insurance Staff

How can I pay less for coverage?

Three things influence your cost to insure: your activity, your company’s activity, and government regulation. If you become more attractive to insure, companies will charge you less. If a company is well run, it can charge less. If the government doesn’t restrict the insurance industry, it can operate cleaner.

Everyone that applies for coverage receives a company “Insurance Score”. It’s a number that tries to guess how easy it’ll be to add you to their “policyholder portfolio”. If you have a good score, your price will be lower. If you have a poor score, your price will be higher.

One factor you can control is your credit history. The insurance company doesn’t look at your credit score the same way as a bank looks at your credit score. The insurance company only cares about a few specific things, namely “how likely will this prospect pay his bill?”

Improve your credit history, improve your insurance score, save money.

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