How can I pay less for car insurance? Be a boring driver. Fond du Lac | Ripon | Sheboygan

How can I pay less for car insurance? Be a boring driver.

The single largest influence in your car insurance cost is your driving history: accidents and violations. They look at the last 5 years of accidents and the last 3 years of violations.

If you get a speeding ticket, your price will be influenced for the next 3 years. What can you do to lessen the impact of that violation? Your agent can check with other insurance companies to see if someone charges you less for that mistake. You can also fight the ticket legally to get it removed or reduced.

How do accidents work? Wisconsin is an “at-fault” state with traffic accidents. The party found at-fault will be liable for all damages. The not-at-fault driver isn’t liable. Not-at-fault accidents still influence your insurance price, but far less than an at-fault accident.

Is this fair? Insurance companies have piles of statistics showing that some policyholders will cost the company money in claim payouts and some will not. The costly policyholders pay a premium for coverage while the inexpensive policyholders receive a discounted price.

Don’t rush on the road.
Be a defensive driver.
Don’t tailgate.
Save money.

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