Business insurance in Oshkosh, Plymouth and Ripon, WI

Business insurance can save the day when things go south

Even if you have a successful business you are not immune to possible disasters and calamities. Sometimes it just takes one serious or unfortunate event to put things into a tailspin. You might not be able to prevent some events but you can plan for them. Business insurance is a powerful risk management tool that you need to safeguard your financial interest as well as the financial interests of other role players. Behnke Insurance can help you with cost effective and reliable commercial coverage in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI and Waupun WI.

There are many risks and any of them has the potential to affect you and your business. You would like to think of your business as a going concern, as a venture that will be around for a long time to come. But what happens when disaster strikes. This could be a fire, a flood, a storm surge, a work-related accident, a cyber-attack, the list goes on. You have worked hard in your business and want to continue doing that. You also have other people that depend you. Your loved ones, your workers, your suppliers and so on. This is big stuff, this important stuff. You can help take care of things with sensible risk management strategies. One such strategy is business insurance.

There are many types or categories of business insurance. You get property insurance, asset insurance, commercial auto, liability, professional indemnity, flood insurance, windstorm insurance, business interruption insurance, surety bonds, medical insurance, comprehensive insurance, umbrella insurance, business owners policy and so on – it’s a long and daunting list.

Things can get technical and complicated. But because it is such an important matter it makes sense to consult with the experts who can help you with commercial insurance crafted for your needs and your business protection.


Insurance agency in Oshkosh, Plymouth, Ripon, Waupun, WI

Why it is wise to hire the services of a professional insurance agency?

Are you on the lookout for a professional insurance agency that can take care of your insurance needs? Relax, help is at hand. We at Behenke Insurance are a trusted and certified insurance company and our agents are highly skilled and professional. With us you can get the best insurance cover and at the best industry rates. People residing in and around Oshkosh, WI, Plymouth, WI, Ripon, WI and Waupun, WI can reap the benefits of our services.

How our insurance agents can help you?

  • They are extremely talented and experienced and can help you get the best deal then you getting it for yourself
  • We are a one-stop-source when it comes to your insurance needs. In fact, we do not sell only auto insurance, but our service portfolio includes all forms of insurance plans ranging from business insurance, life insurance, health insurance, renters insurance to homeowners insurance amid others.
  • Insurance is a subject that is quite complicated in nature. It is here where our agents can prove helpful. They are well adept in the different types of insurance plans and thus can help you understand the different types of plans and the benefits of each. The fact is, even you have a good understanding of various forms of insurance there are high chances of you getting tripped up. But with our agents you are under safe hands
  • An insurance plan does not differ from one state to another, but differs from one company to another in the same state. There are some companies that use manuscript policy forms which do not utilize industry standard wording while may also comprise of altered provisions that may affect you materially in some way or the other, some unknown way, especially if you do not have a professional insurance agent that is adept with the specific policy’s quirks. And who better can do the needful than our agents

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

Home insurance in Oshkosh, Plymouth, Ripon, Waupun, WI

Home insurance and its lesser known benefits

During an accident or an environmental disaster affecting your property, it is the right home insurance plan that will act as the safety guard which will work wonders in protecting your finances against prospective depletion. Although homeowners insurance generally includes property and liability coverage, but damages to their property because of termites, war or floods are not covered usually with standard policies. Homeowners for the maximum part do understand the fundamental/basic coverage that they can qualify for via their policy but there are some protections that they are likely to be eligible for which they are not aware of. It is here where we at Behnke Insurance can help you. Along with helping you choose the right insurance cover for your home our agents will also guide you on the lesser-known advantages of having these insurance plans. Our service areas include the different parts of Oshkosh WI and Plymouth WI.

Know more about the lesser-known advantages of owning a homeowners insurance plan

  • Cover losses resulting from pet bites- the liability insurance plan which you gain via the homeowner’s insurance policy will offer protection against dog bite at no additional cost.
  • Cover the price to bring the abode up to code following a covered loss- for instance, if the kitchen is ruined by a grease fire and the fire keeps spreading to other sections of the home, the insurance plan may include any new mandates above the damages resulting from the fire.
  • Cover damage against falling debris- for instance if the roof of the home is crashed due to falling debris the damage caused may be covered via the homeowners insurance policy
  • Cover damages from power outages- if the refrigerator or any other electric device in your home gets affected due to power outage then the homeowners policy will cover such damages
  • Cover property losses concerning the family members that do not reside at home- If children are away at college or a university, their personal possessions typically will be covered under the personal property clause under the homeowners insurance policy

Speak to our insurance agents right away for having a clear understanding regarding what protections the present policy provides and the additional coverage which you can gain for some extra money each month.

Business insurance in Plymouth, Oshkosh and Waupun, WI

Business insurance for new and unprecedented perils

Business insurance is an affordable form or risk management. There are many risks that can seriously damage your bottom line and your business. If you want adequate business protection in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI or Waupun WI then you should speak to the business insurance specialists at Behnke Insurance.

Business risks can come in many forms and shapes, from cyber-attacks to natural disasters, from accidents to fraud. These days cyber-attacks and possible data loss pose a huge threat to many businesses. More and more businesses rely on the internet for marketing and sales but also face new and unprecedented threats in the form of virus infections, hacking and cyber-attacks.

Some companies spend millions in order to protect their networks, computers and data from hackers and other online threats. But it can take just one malicious phish or virus to upset the apple cart. In the past commercial insurance has addressed the traditional risks such as fire, theft and accidents. But in the millennial age we face new and unprecedented threats and you should be sure your commercial insurance covers you for these new and dangerous perils.

Of course you still need to cover yourself against the traditional risks as they will always be around. Property insurance, auto insurance, business interruption insurance, workmen’s compensation and liability insurance should all be part of a commercial insurance solution.

If you are a small to medium business you might start with a standard business owner’s policy (BOP) and then add certain types of insurance that are not included in a BOP. You might also need special insurance tailored to the type of business you operate. For example, if you are a transport company you will need specific insurance that covers the transport of passengers or goods.

An independent and accredited agent such as Behnke Insurance can help you with custom business insurance tailored to your needs.

Auto insurance in Oshkosh, Plymouth, and Waupun, WI

Best value car and auto insurance in WI

We all want best value auto insurance i.e. car insurance that is reliable and does not cost an arm and a leg. Behnke insurance is an accredited agent and can help you with best value auto insurance in Oshkosh WI and Plymouth WI.

You want reliable car insurance that won’t let you down when the wheels come off. That means you need to be covered for your real risks. One of the most important components of insurance, be it auto insurance or some other insurance, is liability. This is particularly important when it comes to vehicle ownership. And of course it makes sense because a vehicle is a dangerous machine that can kill, maim, injure and cause substantial damage.

As a motor vehicle owner you have a social responsibility which means you need to be able to compensate someone if your negligence results in injury or damage to that person. This is even recognised in law and in most states liability cover is a compulsory part of auto insurance. If you don’t have liability cover you could face financial ruin should someone sue you for bodily harm and/or property damage.

Liability insurance only covers loss to 3rd parties. If follows you need to cover or your own potential losses and possible injuries as well. Repairing or replacing your vehicle out of your own pocket could put a great deal of strain on your financial resources. Hospital and medical could be unsurmountable if you suffer serious injury.

Collision coverage and personal injury protection is not expensive and makes financial and logical sense. There may well be other things you need to consider when it comes to auto insurance. These could include road side assistance, loss personal belongings, alternative transport costs and so on.

Your agent will be able to advise you about the best auto insurance options for your circumstances and risk profile.


Personal insurance in Oshkosh, Plymouth and Waupun, WI

The real advantages of having personal insurance

There are different types of insurance of which personal insurance is the most crucial. If you are in need of these insurance plans, then call us at Behnke Insurance right away. This form of insurance will help to protect you and your dear ones during illness, accident and other debilitating obstacles which life may bring your way. So in short, it should not be overlooked. With our personal coverage you can get everything under the same cover such as income protection, trauma cover, permanent and total disability and so on. People residing in and around Oshkosh, WI, Plymouth, WI, and Waupun, WI can make the most of our insurance plans.

Why choose us?

  • Peace of mind- it will offer the policy holder with the peace of mind that they will be covered during an accident or any other unexpected situations. For instance the climatic conditions may change so it is wise in being prepared for the different weather related damages that may harm your car, home or other types of property.
  • Easy and quick set up- availing this form of insurance may appear to be complicated and daunting but not any longer. We specialize in personal coverage plans and can help you in every step of the way. In trusting us to safeguard your greatest asset, you will come across a reliable team comprising of financial veterans that possess the experience and knowledge in getting you the coverage plan that you deserve. It is our aim of seeing you- our dear clients in living your life to the utmost and we will give our 100% to help you to attain it

Life is filled with uncertainties, so with our insurance plans you can live comfortably learning that you are covered during any unforeseen difficulty. Call us and make the most of our insurance policies.


Insurance agency in Waupun, Ripon, Oshkosh, Plymouth, WI

Always take the help of a professional insurance agency for best results

Insurance in any form will offer you peace of mind as it will protect you from different forms of financial or physical damages. Via investing in the right coverage through a professional insurance agency like Behnke Insurance you can keep all your worries at bay. Be it personal, home, life, flood, car or business insurance we can have you covered. The areas that we serve include Oshkosh, WI, Plymouth, WI, Ripon, WI and Waupun, WI.

Why us?

  • We offer all kinds of insurance
  • Our prices are competitive
  • We are available 24/7 which means even during emergencies
  • Our agents will guide you through the different coverage plans and help you choose the one that best fits your needs and budget
  • Our agents are friendly, sincere and professional and offer on time services

By joining hands with our skilled insurance agents you have the chance of building a personable bond with them, which means you can communicate with the same individual every time you may have any concerns or queries related to your insurance policy. Instead of sifting through an extensive statement of coverage, simply call our insurance agents for prompt answers. The best part is we offer all forms of insurance coverage, which means you can get everything under the same roof. Our agents will give you a one-on-one, personal attention to understand your needs better. We cannot predict the future and random bad luck at times may leave you in a highly problematic situation. The bottom line is, do not take chances. At Behnke Insurance we thoroughly understand your needs. Owing to our unmatched client service we have succeeded in winning the trust of countless people. So invest in the best insurance plan and stay safe and confident. Call our insurance experts to know more about our services.

Insurance policies in Waupun, Oshkosh, Plymouth, Ripon WI

The insurance model requires many participants with a low % of claims

We all face risks and insurance is one of the best risk management strategies and tools we have at our disposal. Apart from life insurance, insurance is not about gain or making a fortune. It is about loss recovery – insurance whether car insurance, property insurance, travel insurance or business insurance simply means you won’t lose everything when misfortune knocks on your door. If you want to protect yourself against severe loss in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI, Ripon WI or Waupun WI then you should get proper insurance cover from Behnke Insurance.

Insurance is possible when many contribute to cover the few who suffer great loss. The concept of insurance has been around for a long time. It started with the concept that you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Think back to the mariners of the old days who sailed ships with precious cargo across the oceans. They would split the cargo across different ships so if one went down, all the cargo would not be lost. Insurance is similar, but just a lot more complicated and sophisticated.

A carrier will issue you with an insurance policy which means the carrier will absorb the financial loss should you suffer loss. In return the carrier will require you to pay a monthly premium. This model only works if there are enough people who participate. The idea is that something bad will happen to a few who participate, but not to the majority. The insurance company makes money because millions participate and contribute ad most will never need to make a claim. You participate because there is always the risk that you might be one of the unlucky few and that risk is too serious to ignore.

There have been events such as large scale and devastating flooding that has turned the model on its head. That is why most carriers don’t offer flood insurance anymore as part of home insurance. As the world turns and disasters become more common, the insurance model might well be in for more surprises.



Car insurance policies in Plymouth, Ripon and Oshkosh, WI

Auto insurance covers you when the wheels come off

When you own and drive a vehicle auto insurance is not an option it is a given. If you own a car and don’t have auto insurance you are taking a terrible risk and you will be breaking the law as well. Behnke Insurance can help you with affordable yet reliable car insurance in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI, Ripon WI and Waupun WI.

Car insurance is not expensive and can save you from financial disaster should the wheels come off. There are many things that can go wrong, on or off the road. When driving it’s a good idea to take your car insurance and proof thereof along for the ride. If you get pulled over by an officer you may be asked to provide proof of auto or at least liability insurance. If you are involved in a road accident and other are injured or suffer damages, you might find yourself on the wrong side of a law suit. You need liability cover as part of your car insurance to protect you in the event of liability claims.

Of course when there is a road accident there is vehicle damage. Without collision cover you will have to pay for your own damages and related things such as road side assistance, towage and alternative transport. Apart from road accidents there are other real risks such as storm damage. There seems to be an increase in severe weather conditions across the globe and storms can cause considerable damage to your vehicle.

When you consider the cost vs the risks, car insurance simply makes financial sense. The only thing you really need to do is find the right agent to help you with cost effective and reliable car insurance so that you won’t be let down when the wheels come off.


Business insurance in Waupun, Oshkosh and Plymouth, WI

The real perks of using business insurance policies

Insurance is an excellent means for safeguarding your business against unforeseen risks, thereby offering you complete peace of mind. At Behnke Insurance we offer the best range of business insurance and commercial insurance policies and at the best industry rates. The areas that we cover include Fond Du Lac, Plymouth, Oshkosh and Ripon, Waupun WI.

The Behnke Insurance Difference

  • We are dedicated to offer the finest advice and service possible to every customer. In fact, you can communicate with our experts who will understand both your business as well as the risks which you may face daily. Our friendly, helpful and efficient team are always there to help you
  • We offer different forms of insurance policies with insurance related to business and commerce being our forte. Our staffs put all their effort and time to arrange the finest cover for protecting our client’s business
  • We have been in this industry for quite some time now and can take care of all your insurance needs related to your business no matter how complex or small it is
  • With in-house authority and dedicated systems availing an insurance coverage for your car would not have been easier. Our team can offer quotations in minutes over the phone and devoid of having to fill lengthy forms
  • We are available 24/7/365 which means even during an emergency, we are ready to help you.

Your business is likely to be thriving well yet it may fall a victim to difficulties that you cannot foresee. So investing in the right insurance cover for your business or commercial needs from Behnke Insurance will be the right step. It will help to adequately cover the potential dangers to your business thereby making it a highly sensible business idea. Use it to believe it. You will definitely be benefited.