Auto insurance policies in Oshkosh, Plymouth, Waupun, WI

Price and coverage are the main components of auto insurance

When it comes to auto insurance we all want the same thing, Hassle free coverage at the best possible price. Price and coverage are of course the two main components of auto insurance. If want the best coverage at the lowest possible price, then you should consult with an independent local agent. Insurance is a competitive business and this is particularly true when it comes to car insurance. That means a local agent can do the shopping for you and find you the best deal. Behnke Insurance is an independent local agent in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI and Waupun WI. They can help you with private car insurance or commercial auto insurance.

A road accident can be serious. Even small fender benders can be costly. The risk of road accidents is so high that you are required by law to carry some form of car insurance. This insurance is in the form of liability insurance. The law dictates that you carry 3rd party insurance as a matter of public responsibility. However, liability insurance only covers damage or injuries sustained by 3rd parties. It does not cover your own vehicle damage or medical expenses.

When it comes to coverage you need at a minimum some level of liability insurance. Other options include collision insurance, personal injury protection and comprehensive. Collision insurance will take care of repair or replacement costs of your vehicle following a road accident. However, it does not cover non-collision related damage such as auto theft and vandalism. For that you need comprehensive car insurance.

Price is the other important component of auto insurance. An independent agent can find you the best deal since they have access to major carriers and can quickly compare plans and special offers. You can also qualify for reduces auto insurance premiums if you have a good driving record and low-risk profile.