Auto Insurance in Oshkosh WI, Plymouth WI, St. Cloud, Waupun WI and Surrounding Cities

Auto insurance can cover your car as well as other vehicles you might own such as boats and trailers. Behnke Insurance can help you with cost effective auto insurance in Lomira, Oskhosh WI, Plymouth WI, St Cloud or Waupun WI.  They can get you the best deal whether you own one vehicle or several vehicles.

Auto Insurance is compulsory for vehicles that make use of public roads. When you make use of the road network you have a public responsibility to others. That means you need to be able to compensate others for damages or injuries that you caused.  Liability insurance enables you to do that. Liability insurance is the compulsory part of auto insurance. The rest is optional but recommended.

Apart from possible liability claims you face other risks such as damage to your car or personal injury. These can result from collisions, road accidents, storms or malicious acts. Collision insurance will cover you for damages to your vehicle that result from a road accident or collision. Comprehensive insurance will cover you for other risks such as storm damage or auto theft.

So far, we have liability insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive. Another important risk to consider is personal injury. You want to be sure you have the right medical cover or personal injury protection plan.

Other things to consider include loss of valuables such as goods in transit. You are likely to have valuables inside your car and when involved in an incident, those values could be lost or damaged. You might also find yourself without transport should your car be badly damaged in an accident or incident.

There are many aspects to auto insurance. That is why you should get professional advice from an independent agent such as Behnke Insurance.