Auto insurance in Oshkosh, Plymouth, and Waupun, WI

Best value car and auto insurance in WI

We all want best value auto insurance i.e. car insurance that is reliable and does not cost an arm and a leg. Behnke insurance is an accredited agent and can help you with best value auto insurance in Oshkosh WI and Plymouth WI.

You want reliable car insurance that won’t let you down when the wheels come off. That means you need to be covered for your real risks. One of the most important components of insurance, be it auto insurance or some other insurance, is liability. This is particularly important when it comes to vehicle ownership. And of course it makes sense because a vehicle is a dangerous machine that can kill, maim, injure and cause substantial damage.

As a motor vehicle owner you have a social responsibility which means you need to be able to compensate someone if your negligence results in injury or damage to that person. This is even recognised in law and in most states liability cover is a compulsory part of auto insurance. If you don’t have liability cover you could face financial ruin should someone sue you for bodily harm and/or property damage.

Liability insurance only covers loss to 3rd parties. If follows you need to cover or your own potential losses and possible injuries as well. Repairing or replacing your vehicle out of your own pocket could put a great deal of strain on your financial resources. Hospital and medical could be unsurmountable if you suffer serious injury.

Collision coverage and personal injury protection is not expensive and makes financial and logical sense. There may well be other things you need to consider when it comes to auto insurance. These could include road side assistance, loss personal belongings, alternative transport costs and so on.

Your agent will be able to advise you about the best auto insurance options for your circumstances and risk profile.