5 Tips for Auto Insurance Savings

5 Tips for auto insurance savings

  1. If your insurance can provide roadside service, consider cancelling your AAA roadside service. Don’t pay for something twice unless it adds value to your life.
  2. Make sure your comprehensive/collision deductibles are right for you. A $1,000 deductible may lower your insurance cost, but in the event of accident, can you pay $1,000 to get your car repaired? If not, it can save you money over the long run to lower that deductible.
  3. Ask your agent if all the available discounts are turned on. Often there is a homeowners discount available on auto policies. The same goes for a low mileage discount.
  4. Ask your agent if there’s a better insurance company for you. We at Behnke Insurance partner with many companies. Some are great matches for younger drivers, some are better matches for more mature drivers. We can do the homework for you.
  5. Thinking of buying car A or car B? Ask your agent which costs less to insure, it takes us 5 minutes to get you that info.

**Contact a Behnke Insurance Agent for details**